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tv   LAF Co 72916  SFGTV  September 28, 2016 3:20am-4:01am PDT

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>>[gavel] >>good morning today is july 29, 2016 welcome to the local agency formation commission my name is john avila's i am the chair of the commission i am joined by supervisor crews and supervisor mar and supervisor campos. >> mme. clerk would you please call the first item.>>item 1 is
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the call to water and [roll call vote] which we've arrayed done >>okay item 2. >item 2 is approval of the lafco minutes from the meeting of june 13, 2016. >>do we have any public comment? unless there is a ghost in here than i don't think they were going to have
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any public comment. i will close public comment. can i please have a motion and a second? we have a motion and a secondthe minutes of july 13, 2016 are approved. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk please read item 3. >>item 3 is that community choice aggregation activities report by barbara hale and jason fried. >>good morning, barbara hale. this is the lowest top-down
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rate that we have seen so far. >>great, do you know any reasons that people do opt out when they do? >>we have had a lot of interest in the program and we are seeing a lot of commitment to it. the super green participation is also good.
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the rate of participation in our super green program is currently 3%. we are continuing to promote the super green offering that is the 100% renewable offering and we will send out a notice soon to our existing customers to encourage our friend and neighbors to join the super green portfolio as well. and, we will be doing an advertising campaign in the fall to specifically promote the super green sign up in our next enrollment in districts five and eight. so, speaking of the next enrollment we have 561 customers that have signed up for august enrollment. most of those sign-ups are residential. 78% is super green and 28%have signed up for our super green offering. we are finalizing our notice for our next renewal period you may
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recall that when we previously surveyed the city that districts five and eight were areas that showed a 500% renewable product and when they start the product they will start there instead of having to start in green and make a second step to super green. please sign up for this enrollment please sign up for this by august 1. we have launched a bill calculator on our website so that customers can look at their existing pge bill and see what their existing bill should look like as they consider the cleanpowersf option so we are
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hoping that will help the awareness and the understanding of our program. we also have put a bill tutorial on the last program to help customers understand theirbill. we have a bill comparison by sb 790 that is put together collaboratively by the california public utilities commission, and the public advisory staff the comparison shows an average. we are also putting together a category to
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[inaudible] we are excited to go out on the market and get some more renewable n action to approvean increase in the power, as you may call this when we planned the program, the first enrollment period in may had pre-enrolled to meet
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about 30 mw of average demand the second was set to occur this fall and was planned at an additional 20 and it is that combinationthat 30 and 20 that got us to 50 mw focusing mostly on enrollment in residential customers. during program planning we use a 20% projected opt out rate for those two enrollments. however, because our opt out rate is much lower that 1.6% that i mentioned instead of 20 we are forecasting that enrolling that additional megawattsso we went to the commission and said this was the road we are on and we sought the authority and wehad an increase of approximately 20
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mw as we had initially planned assuming we can meet the policy requirements in conjunction with the business policy practices we adopted in december and the commission also approved an increase to 75 mw. assuming we enroll 20 mw in our enrollment period that is an exciting growth to share with you. >>a few years ago when we talked about initializing cleanpowersf we were talking about 30 mw?
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>>our first enrollment that happened in may was 30 and then our third was 20 and thatwas 20 and if we had went forward with 20 we would exceed our 50 so we had to go to the commission and say alright, do we scale back our plan of 20 to make the total match 50 or may we have more authority? and, they opted for more authority so that is, staff is also working on a growth plan to help us identify all of the options to continue to expand the service citywide and we are working to have that completed by the end of this year and finally the puc action authorizes the general manager to negotiate and execute additional contracts for the
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energy suppliesnecessary for that 75 mw average demand which will allow us to expand beyond that 50. >>and so, when we want to look at the sufficient renewable supplies to get beyond 50 we don't have to put an rfp or an rfq out again we can actually, since we have people lined up from the first one, they can be available to help us with that is that correct? >>that is correct. we are going out into the market for a short-term contract so, we are using the standard industry contract so were using a western systems power pool contract and procuring a short-term supply to meet that in the near term and as we expand beyond this next enrollment we will be initiating another competitive procurement process for additional power. and hope to be procuring some longer-term power some longer-term renewable power.
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>>great, thank you. >>so that is my update on the cleanpowersf operating activities. in terms of legislating activities item b, on this item we are continuing to work with the public utilities commission there are number of economics that affect this program as you know what that pca is among them and we also recently saul, i'm sure as did you that pg & e has announced they will be closing them miablo canyon and there is
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other interest in the california power market of how pg&e is can replace that part of the power that they need. part of the reason that pg&e is said they are going to close diablo canyon is because there use is lower than they had expected and primarily because there will be more programs implemented in their service territory which will reduce their generation needs. so, they are knowledge and that they will have to replace all 200 mw and the talking about having the community choice aggregation customers help pay
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for some of that power so we deftly have a strong interest in that and we deftly have a strong part in that and the whole part of cleanpowersf is that we would have local control and decision-making over those decision choices that we will be working with the commission and other community choice aggregation operators to shape our positions at the california puc on that issue. >>great, thank you. commissioner crews. >>thank you for that update. i have received a notice from cleanpowersf asking if i felt
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that my energy was cleaner and i would like to reply that it feels cleaner. and i would like also over the upcoming august break there will be a little bit of time before we hear what is going on at the state puc and wondering if we should keep in contact with you over the break or if you think anything will be coming down the pike in terms of the near-term? >>pg&e had initially said they would make a filing i believe it was this week but they are going to put that off. we will not see anything filed i pg&e for a bit of time now so it is kind of a moving target as what they are really proposing. i
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don't mean to say that is a negative. that is a positive if they are open to talking to folks about how to shape their proposal in a way that folks would be happier with, that is a good thing. and so, we will be reporting to our commission in the absence of activity here while the break is happening at city hall it will be happening at their commission so we will be happy to share that information with you. >>or, we can just pop by at your commission meetings. do you foresee any impacts or changes that are being tossed around in terms of changing the puc structure?do you know what i'm talking about? >> i assume you're talking about the california governor's changes that he is envisioning? i haven't seen anything yet i think the overall basis for it
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is positive. >>kind of cleaning house a little bit. >> trying to address some of those concerns of transparency and so forth but i have been seen any activity on that. >>jason fried, executive officer, a couple things that i would want to point out is am very glad that the commission did move forward so that we could allow the program to get a little bit bigger so we weren't scaling back on the residential program. one thing that i would like to point out is that last week a notice was sent out encouraging those sent
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out to super green and of course any of your environmental groups are target so i'm hoping these numbers will jump up a little bit over the course of the next week as people start getting those emails and start clicking on the buttons. just a reminder, august 1is monday so you need to sign up this weekend in order to enter this phase of those customers i really encourage people to sign up with cleanpowersf if you want to be part of that enrollment process. and also i wanted to let you know commissioner crews that i will keep you posted and if we need a little bit of help i will talk to the chair and if there is intention needed or a letter needed or a specifichelp
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but you're welcome to go to the puc we come i attend each one. >>i'm up for a field trip. >> i'm going to open public comment. but there's no one in here but also going to close public comment >>[gavel] >>next item please. >>item >>item 4 is the final report on
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the study on what the city and county of san francisco can do to help to increase voter turnout. >>do we have any questions or comments? commissioner crews >> i think we should motion to accept it. >> so that we have a motion from commissioner crews and a second from commissioner mar. so we will pass this without objection. >>[gavel] >>next item please. >>next item is the executive officer's report >> we are opening up public comment and seeing no onecoming
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forward we will close public comment. >>item number si
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>> this is regular meeting of small business commission


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